GREG LAKE: messaggio in ricordo di KEITH EMERSON

(photo: © Neal Preston/Corbis)
Il leggedario Greg Lake ha pubblicato una dichiarazione riguardo la tragica scomparsa del suo amico e compagno di band Keith Emerson, avvenuta alcuni giorni fa nella sua casa di Santa Monica.

Segue il messaggio in lingua originale:

To all ELP friends and fans all over the world, I would like to express my deep sadness upon hearing this tragic news. As you know Keith and I spent many of the best years of our lives together and to witness his life coming to an end in the way that it has is painful, both to myself and to all who knew him. 

As sad and tragic as Keith’s death is, I would not want this to be the lasting memory people take away with them. What I will always remember about Keith Emerson was his remarkable talent as a musician and composer and his gift and passion to entertain. Music was his life and despite some of the difficulties he encountered I am sure that the music he created will live on forever.

My deepest condolences go to Keith’s family. 

May he now be at peace.

Greg Lake
London - March 12, 2016

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