DEATH ANGEL: i dettagli del nuovo live e del primo 'thrashumentary'

I DEATH ANGEL pubblicheranno »The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco« su LP via Nuclear Blast mail-order il 24 luglio. La release comprenderà anche il DVD »a thrashumentary«

Joey James Hernandez has created designs for most of our tour merch over the past few years“, dichiara Rob Cavestany. We love his style and felt it the perfect fit with this record!“

“Joey is also creating original art for the back cover and poster that will be included. We want to give our fans the full old school album experience with lots to look at while listening to the record, the way we used to check out music back in the day when it was quality over quantity!“

“We are a Bay Area band - and have always been proud of it. That's why we recorded the album here and wanted the art to reflect where we're from - in a brutal way of course! It's a tribute to our home town fans. The city has evolved so much since we were kids growing up here. Unfortunately, swarms of parasites have invaded San Francisco like a disease and are sucking the life out of it in many ways. I envisioned an image depicting the aftermath of the eradication of these dot com techie scums!“

“The front cover depicts a disintegrated Bay Bridge while in the distance San Francisco lies in ruin. The ominous sky is the color of fire, the water blood red. The title is written in the blood of victims whose bodies have been dragged down to the second deck of the bridge, where their assailants plot the next attack...“

Dice Joey James Hernandez:
"I am not used to drawing atmospheres but when the boys at DEATH ANGEL asked me to do this, it was a no brainer to do it and challenge myself. Their visuals and music for this reminded and inspired me of 'Mad Max', 'Chernobyl Diaries', any bad dream or premonition we have of aftermath, strife and danger that still lurks in its ashes."

»a thrashumentary« è stato diretto e filmato da Tommy Jones (KATAKLYSM, SOILWORK, LAMB OF GOD, CARCASS, TESTAMENT) dei Videohammer Studios. 

»a thrashumentary« DVD Chapter List:

01. Start
02. We Grew Up In The Bay Area Thrash Scene
03. The Original Line up Of Death Angel
04. Kill As One
05. The Ultra Violence
06. Frolic In The Park
07. Act III
08. The Accident
09. The O
10. Swarm
11. Thrash Of The Titans
12. I Like Everything About Ted
13. The Art Of Dying
14. Killing Season
15. Relentless Revolution
16. I’m Looking For Will Carroll
17. And Then Damien Came In
18. Relentless Retribution
19. Impressions Of Suecof
20. Relentless Touring
21. Thrashers
22. Death Angel Is
23. The Last Song Of The Evening
24. Credits

25. Mistress Of Pain Live

»The Bay Calls For Blood« Bonus Live Album & Individual LP Track List:

1. Left for Dead
2. Fallen
3. Buried Alive
4. The Dream Calls For Blood
5. Execution / Don't Save Me
6. Truce
7. Detonate
8. Bored
9. Caster Of Shame
10. Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust

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