Stoneghost "New Age Of Old Ways": metal all'ennesima potenza!

Gli Stoneghost, band inglese di culto per la stampa metal UK, calcano da qualche anno i più celebri tra i palcoscenici metal: dal Bloodstock al Wacken Open Air Festival passando per il Metal Hammer's Hammerfest IV.

New Age of Old Ways” vede alla produzione Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir, Sikth and New Model Army) che ne tira fuori la melodia e la ferocia dei riff. 
Gli Stoneghost sono una band fresca proveniente dalla grande tradizione thrash di stampo Americano: una vera bomba sonora!

"Stoneghost are just metal. Groove laden heavy fucking metal. The kind that makes you want to down your pint and get your windmill on, these guys are one to watch"

Sophie K, Breaking Bands - Team Rock Radio

“I listened in my car...and I almost crashed! My head almost exploded with how good this band are!"

 Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

“With a hellacious mix of classic rock riffs, Pantera-esque groove and a little thrash influence thrown in for good measure, the London boys quickly whip up the crowd into a frenzy” 

Metal Hammer

Tracklist "New Age Of Old Ways"
  1. Faceless Ghost
  2. Devil's Motion
  3. All They Need Is The Light
  4. Second To Breathe
  5. The Sound Remains
  6. Raynardine
  7. Sleeper
  8. Your Trigger, My Finger
  9. Third Degree
  10. Let Sleeping Beasts Lie
  11. Mother Of All Bastards (demo)

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