Eridanus: nuovo cantante e batterista

I brasiliani Eridanus annunciano l'uscita dal gruppo del cantante Thiago Lauer e del batterista Rafael Reis.

Al loro posto, rispettivamente, Ricardo Janke e Thiago Batistti.

“Ricardo is a longtime friend of the band, which also participated in musical projects with Eridanus' bassist and guitarist, Andi and Deivid, so it was an obvious choice, not only for his talent, that he has a lot, but also because we live near each other...Batistti already had shared the stage with Eridanus on several occasions playing in other bands, and we were always impressed with his technique and professionalism, and this greatly attracted our attention, and we were very happy that he has accepted the challenge of playing in Eridanus." (Roger Feilstrecker, guitarist of Eridanus)

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